Noumenon Games privacy policy

We all just want to play games and have fun, preferably without being spied on. Our games collect a little bit of data to help us know how much and how people play. This policy clarifies how and why that happens.

Data Collected

Some of our games collect information used for statistics using Google Analytics. This means that your device is assigned a unique number when you first start the game, this is then used to count how many players there are. If you uninstall the game and reinstall it, you are assigned a new number, there is nothing personally identifiable kept. Your IP adress will also be collected (by Google Analytics, not us) to allow us seeing where in the world people are playing.

You will note that our games require no special permissions or access to any personal data of any kind.

What happens to the data

Your data is stored by Google / Apple and consumed by us in aggregate form.

Sharing of data

Due to this data being collected by a third party (Google or Apple) they obviously have access as well. We will not share your data to any third party unless required to do so by law or regulation (which is very unlikely).

Thanks to Martin Jonasson aka Grapefrukt for helping us with the bulk of this privacy policy